Independent American label: Kirshner Records was Owned by publisher / producer Don Kirsher, the man behind the Brill Building songwriting team as well as the Monkees and the Archies, the Kirshner label had a longer life in the USA than it did over here.  It appeared in the States in 1969 and kept going until 1980; over here it only came on the scene in 1977.   Before that time its products had been licensed to other companies: to RCA until 1974, and to CBS / Epic from then until 1977.  Under its own name it only entered the British Singles Charts once, with 'Carry On Wayward Son', by Rock group Kansas (KIR-4932; 1978), which had been issed the year before on Epic (EPC-4932).  Kirshner's singles, of which there weren't many, had a KIR prefix, and they shared their numbering with the singles of the other CBS-group labels.  British Kirshner made its exit at the same time as its American counterpart, when Don Kirshner retired from the music scene. Distributed By CBS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Kansas Carry On Wayward Son KIRSHNER S KIR 4932
77 Kansas Point Of No Return KIRSHNER S KIR 5820
78 Kansas Dust In The Wind KIRSHNER S KIR 6205
79 Dash Sarah Sinner Man KIRSHNER S KIR 6973
78 Kansas People On The South Winds KIRSHNER S KIR 7426
82 Kansas Play The Game KIRSHNER S KIR 2408

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