Independent label: Kingsway Music Records was a Contemporary Christian music label, based in Eastbourne.  From 1973 to 1979 the Kingsway Music company released records on its 'Dove' label, but in 1979 the name of the label was changed to Kingsway Music.  The 'sky' design was retained but the catalogue numbers switched from the DS-7000s to the KMS-900s.  The First single was  'Song Of The Last Generation' by Ishmael United (5-NIL; 5/79). Early KMS-prefixed singles had a picture of the artist on the 'A' side and all the credits on the 'B', but from KMS-905 onwards they had a more usual layout.  The KMS-900 series was itself replaced by a KINGSWAY-0 one in 1982, at which point there was also a change of label design. The vast majority of records on the Kingsway Music label were albums, but the company appears to have released at least a dozen singles. Some of these sound as though they are fairly standard Christian fare, but there are reports of Christian Punk and New Wave singles, such as 'Out On The Streets', by the Bill Mason Band (KMS-903; 9/79), 'Rebel', by the Reps (KMS-910; 1980), and 'Modern Man', by Thruaglass Darkly (KMS-909; 1980).  Punk Rock and Christianity make unusual bedfellows; but then, life is full of surprises.  Kingsway Music handled its own distribution, and is still flourishing today. Distributed By Kingsway Music Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Adrian Snell  That'S Me In The Corner KINGSWAY MUSIC DS 7001
79 Ishmael United Song Of The Last Generation KINGSWAY MUSIC NIL 5
79 Steve Goddard Maybe Lady KINGSWAY MUSIC KMS 901
79 John Pantry Nothing Is Impossible KINGSWAY MUSIC KMS 902
79 Bill Mason Band Out On The Streets KINGSWAY MUSIC KMS 903
79 Adrian Snell Images KINGSWAY MUSIC KMS 904
79 Steve Flashman Hideout KINGSWAY MUSIC KMS 905
79 Not Traced KINGSWAY MUSIC KMS 906
80 Phil Potter  Teach Me KINGSWAY MUSIC KMS 907
80 Ishmael The Glories KINGSWAY MUSIC KMS 908
80 Thruaglass Darkly Modern Man KINGSWAY MUSIC KMS 909
80 Reps  Rebel  KINGSWAY MUSIC KMS 910
81 Virtual Image The Age Of Fire  KINGSWAY MUSIC KMS 911
82 Heartbeat Heartbeat KINGSWAY MUSIC KINGSWAY  1
82 Phil & John You Wouldn'T Let Me Go KINGSWAY MUSIC KINGSWAY  2
82 Barratt Norman  Let Us Have Freedom KINGSWAY MUSIC KINGSWAY  3

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