Independent label: Kingdom Records was formed by Terry King in 1971. through the B&C company, but when the first Kingdom product - an album by Fuchsia - surfaced to months or so later it was on B&C's contemporary label Pegasus, though the Kingdom logo appeared on the sleeve.  The Kingdom label as such first appeared in the summer of the following year.  Its singles were numbered in the KV-8000s, and numbers reached KV-8010, which was 'Betcha By Golly Wow' by Oscar Harris, was issued in 1973.  At this point the company seems to have been shelved, in Britain at least.  It was reactivated in 1980, with numbers starting at KV-8009 again, for some reason.  Dozens more singles followed, and the catalogue numbers had reached KV-8033 by 1985.  The only two singles from the '70s look to have been British Homophone pressings.  Distribution in 1972 was by by President (van sales), Selecta and Bird; in 1973 the President-related distributor Enterprise appears to have done the job on its own; while Pinnacle were the distributors for the 1980s series.  Issues from KV-8014 had green labels with black printing, rather than orange-and-black ones.  Kingdom's output varied widely.  In its first incarnation it had Pop / Prog leanings, while its '80s version put out a lot of Reggae singles as well as an album and two singles by Prog Rock group Caravan - Terry King was Caravan's manager, and some of the bands albums which came out on Deram in this country were on Kingdom in certain overseas territories. Kingdom Records Former address: 9-11 Monmouth St., London WC2H 9DA.Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Harris Oscar Honey Conny KINGDOM KV 8001
72 Gibson Wayne  For No One  KINGDOM KV 8002
72 Mother Nature Once There Was A Time KINGDOM KV 8003
72 Mojo Hannah St. Jeremy  KINGDOM KV 8004
72 Harris Oscar A War I Never Wanted KINGDOM KV 8005
72 Gibson Wayne Whole World In His Hand KINGDOM KV 8006
73 Hot Fingers Who Put The Bomp KINGDOM KV 8007
73 Mojo Hannah Six Days On The Road KINGDOM KV 8008
73 Key Mickey We Belong Together KINGDOM KV 8009
73 Harris Oscar Betcha By Golly Wow KINGDOM KV 8010
80 Caravan Heartbreaker KINGDOM KV 8009
80 Innocents [ Uk ] One Way Love KINGDOM KV 8010
81 Antlers It Looks Like A Raindeer KINGDOM KV 8011
81 Gibson Wayne Under My Thumb KINGDOM KV 8012
81 Revelation Tonight KINGDOM KV 8013
81 Caravan Keepin' Up De Fences KINGDOM KV 8014
81 Culture Forward To Africa KINGDOM KV 8015
81 Campbell Cornell Love That'S True KINGDOM KV 8016
81 Royals Strange World KINGDOM KV 8017
81 Culture  Disobedient Children KINGDOM KV 8018
81 Meditation Stranger In Love KINGDOM KV 8020
82 Junior Brown Show Youth The Way KINGDOM KV 8021
82 Revelation That Girl KINGDOM KV 8022
82 Teamwork Terrace Talk KINGDOM KV 8023
82 Peter & Paul Turning Point KINGDOM KV 8024
82 Alaska & Pegamoides Bailando KINGDOM KV 8025
82 Wright George You Are The One I Love KINGDOM KV 8026
83 Judge Dread Not Guilty KINGDOM KV 8027
84 Levy Barrington  Mini Bus (On The Telephone)  KINGDOM KV 8028
84 Don Carlos  Find Yourself A Fool (12) KINGDOM KV 8029
84 The Mighty Diamonds  Mary Mack (12) KINGDOM KV 8030
84 Angela Stewart Angela Stewart (12") KINGDOM KV 8031
84 Roots Radics  I Am Not A King  KINGDOM KV 8032

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