King-Jam operated from 1977 to 1983, and was run by Bunny Hylton.  It appears to have concentrated on 12" singles for much of its existence, but it managed at least  four 7" ones, two of which came out in the 1970s.  Both the '70s issues were by the Teen Queens: 'I Just Wanna Love You' (KJ-101; 1977) and 'Torn Between Two Lovers' (KJ-102; 1979?). There were two 7" Singles from the 80s with a different label design was in KJ-000 numbers system (shared with the 12" releases). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Teen Queens I Just Wanna Love You  KING JAM KJ 101
79 Teen Queens  Torn Between Two Lovers KING JAM KJ 102
84 Delores Young Jilted KING JAM KJ 048
84 Bugsy Mallone Belly To Belly KING JAM KJ 089

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