Independent Reggae label: KIM Records began operations in 1978.  It managed at least three 7" singles but seems to have switched to the 12" format in fairly short order. The label came in at least three different colour schemes: the two shown and red-on-white.  The main numerical series was a KIM-001 one.  Several of the singles were produced by Dennis Brown, which suggests that he may have had some involvement with the label. KIM Records: Former address Jay Dee Enterprise Inc. 34 Peckham, High St., London S.E. 15. Distributed By TS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Jah Walton   Pillow To Post  KIM KIM 001
78 Prince Heron Me Little But Me Tallawa KIM KIM 002
78 Not Issued KIM KIM 003
78 Dave Richardson  I Wish I Had A Dream  KIM KIM 004

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