Independent American label: Kicking Mule Records was Owned by Stefan Grossman and Ed Denson, Kicking Mule was devoted to the art of guitar playing. Over the decade or so of its existence it released dozens of LPs of various styles of (mainly) solo guitar, which have been a source of inspiration for students of the instrument ever since. In Britain at least, singles were rarer.  They were numbered in the SOK-00s; the lowest catalogue number I have happened upon is SOK-37, the highest SOK-44, and it seems that for some reason the series began and ended with those numbers. Kicking Mule had close ties with Sonet, and, as was the case with Sonet, its records were manufactured and distributed by Pye in the British Isles. It started up in 1973 and lasted until the mid '80s. Kicking Mule Records Former Address: 12, Needham Road, London, W 11. Distributed By Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Dave Evens  Kicking Mule  KICKING MULE  SOK 37
77 Happy Traum When I Was A Cowboy KICKING MULE  SOK 38
77 Not Issued KICKING MULE  SOK 39
78 Mitchell Sam Le Me Follow You Down KICKING MULE  SOK 40
78 Mickey Baker   Pop Off  KICKING MULE  SOK 41
79 Dave Evens  Keep Me From The Cold KICKING MULE  SOK 42
80 Barry Solomon  All Of Me KICKING MULE  SOK 43

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