KGH Records was a DIY label. KGH the initials stood for 'Kettering General Hospital'; they formed the prefix of the catalogue number and I've used them as an identifier here for want of anything better.  A single featuring a Christmas carol medley on one side and a Christmas song called 'Chimney Pots' on the other seems to have been the only release on KGH - I haven't heard the latter before, and it may be an original.  As can be seen from the scan, nurses from the Kettering Health District did the singing; H. Colley provided the solo vocals on the 'B' side.  The accompaniment sounds as though it was done on a church organ; a couple of guitarists join in for 'Chimney Pots'.  Both sides are mono.  The catalogue number was KGH-02.  There was a 'Vol.1', though it wasn't advertised as such: it was credited just to 'The Nurses', and it had a Beck Studios (q.v.) catalogue number, BECK-533.  A scan of it can be found on the Beck page.  Presumably that record was the missing KGH-01.  There's no date on either single, but after comparing it against other Beck records I have Vol.1 tentatively slotted into 1976; it seems reasonable to guess that the nurses were inspired to have another go the following year and this is the result.. Distributed By KGH Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Nurses From The Kettering Health District Songs For Christmas Vol. 1 KGH KGH 01
77 Nurses From The Kettering Health District Songs For Christmas Vol. 2 KGH KGH 02

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