Independent label: Keswick Records first release was a single in praise of Carlisle United football club, 'Looking Good', by Tim Barker and the Carlisle United Singers (KES-001; 1974).  The club was enjoying a purple patch at the time, but even if every one of its supporters had bought the single it still wouldn't have sold a huge number of copies; that may explain why it's not often seen nowadays.  Subsequent singles had white labels rather than blue-and-white ones.  If catalogue numbers are anything to go by, the company would appear to have released just four singles in four years. It seems a rather slow rate of issue, but there you go.  Numbering was in a KES-000 series. Keswick Records operated out of 28, Elfort Rd, London, N5 1AZ. Distributed By Keswick Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Tim Barker & Carlisle United Singers  Looking Good KESWICK KES 001
75 Trevor Keys & Rainbow C.F In Dreams KESWICK KES 002
75 Pat Kerry  Won'T You Be There At The Great Fair KESWICK KES 003
77 Various Artists The Jubilee Pageant Fair Song (Ep) KESWICK KES 004

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