Independent Isle of Man label: Kelly Records had a recording studio as well as a label, and was based in Duke Street, Douglas.  Unfortunately there are no dates on Kelly records, but the Mannin Folk LP 'King Of The Sea' (MAN-2) is reported to have been issued in 1976 and Kenneth Dove's single 'Ellan Vannin' seems to date from 1972, so the company was active in the 70s decade.  I only know of ten seven-inch releases, but the gaps in the discography below indicate that there may well have been several more.  Seven-inch and twelve-inch records had different numerical series, and the prefixes varied. The basic singles series looks to have been KS-0, with KEP-0 for EPs and MAN-0 for LPs, but several records had prefixes which took their lettering from the name of the album or of the artist, as in the case of both of the examples shown. It is possible that these may have been self-financed and the others actual issues, but that's only a guess.  Labels came in several different colour schemes, such as yellow-on-red and grey-on-white, and in at least two different designs, of which the one with the large three-legged logo is the most common; the size and arrangement of the label name also varied.  An LP by Mike Williams, Al Lawrence and Laurie Kermode entitled 'Live At The Colby Glen' (MAN-3) from 1977 had the blue-and-white kind of label, suggesting that that was the later design of the two. The company is reported to have been dissolved in 1985. Distributed By Kelly Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70s Nelson Sound Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do KELLY NEL 100
77 Tony Whyte Lazy River KELLY TW 1900
70s Not Traced KELLY KS 1
70s Mike Williams The Brig The Lily KELLY KS 2
72 Kenneth Dove With His Hammond Organ  Ellan Vannin KELLY KS 3
70s Not Traced KELLY KS 4
70s Not Traced KELLY KS 5
70s Mike Williams And Lawrence Kermode Give Me The Bus Fare To Laxey KELLY KS 6
70s Mannin Folk Mannin Folk Sing (Ep) KELLY KEP 1
70s Not Traced KELLY KEP 2
70s Not Traced KELLY KEP 3
70s Triad Song For The Terns KELLY KEP 4
70s Not Traced KELLY KEP 5
70s Nelson'S Crew I Can'T Get Along Without Your Lovin' KELLY KEP 6
75 Regal Singers Ellan Vannin KELLY RS EP 1
70s Kenneth Dove Mank Cradle Song KELLY KD 1

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