Kamal Bros. Films was an Indian film production company, but somehow three EPs were issued under its name in Birmingham, in or around 1972.  The picture sleeve of one of them, Volume 2, says that the songs were from 'The Original Soundtrack', but it doesn't name the film, which is unfortunate.  I've only managed to track down two of the EPs.  Both were by Rahi & The Seagulls, though the picture sleeve credits 'Rahi & Friends'; it seems a reasonable bet that the missing EP, 'Volume 1', was also by that band.  'Rahi' was - and presumably still is - Ragbir Singh Rahi, a Kenyan Asian who moved to the UK in 1967.  The two EPs pictured were co-produced by Raj Kamal, who I assume was the well-known Indian composer and film / TV music director.  The records were made through custom recording firm Hollick & Taylor, of Handsworth, and had catalogue numbers that were taken from that company's main series, HT/EP-1000.  Distribution was by Star Records (see 'Star / Oriental Star') of Balsall Heath.  The material on the EPs was produced in the UK, so if this Raj Kamal was indeed the composer he must have been visiting this country at that time.  In addition to the tracks shown in the scans Volume 2 offered 'Hushan Di Sarkar', while Volume 3 provided 'Sukhan Sukhdi Nu' and 'Aya Sawan Meghla'.  Manufacture was by Decca, as it was for many of Hollick & Taylor's products in the '70s.  Any more information, such as the tracks and catalogue number of 'Volume 1', would be welcome. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Rahi & The Seagulls Blaitee Bolian - Volume Two KAMAL BROS FILMS HT/EP 1378
72 Rahi & The Seagulls Kanu Paya Pyar - Volume Three KAMAL BROS FILMS HT/EP 1390

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