American.  Kama Sutra Productions was set up by Arthur (Artie) Ripp in 1964; a year later, in company with Art Kass, George Goldner and Richard Barrett, he formed the Kama Sutra record label.  The company enjoyed success on both sides of the Atlantic with the Lovin' Spoonful, though the band's first hit, 'Daydream'  appeared on Pye International over here.  Early in 1967 Kass started the Buddah label; soon Buddah was flourishing and Kama Sutra was dormant.   The label was re-energised in 1970, and had some success in the USA courtesy of Rock 'n' Roll revival group Sha Na Na, but it shut down in 1975.   Distribution in Britain was by Pye from 1966-1968, by Polydor from.1969-1973 and by Pye again for the last years of the label's existence. '60s Pye Kama Sutras used a KAS-200 numbering; Polydors were numbered in the 618-000s initially, but this changed to 2013-000 when the company adopted seven-figure numbers for all its products, in 1970.  When Polydor switched from paper labels to injection-moulded ones,1973, some yellow Kama Sutra ones appeared.  '70s Pye Kama Sutras had catalogue numbers in the KSS-700s; they also had a completely different label design, which for some reason featured Adam and Eve. Thank to Robert Lyons for the info.

74 Sha Na Na  Maybe I´M Old Fashiond KAMA SUTRA KSS 701
74 Ian Lloyd And Stories Another Love KAMA SUTRA KSS 702
75 Sha Na Na Hot Sox KAMA SUTRA KSS 703
74 Charlie Daniels Band The South'S Gonna Do It KAMA SUTRA KSS 704
75 Sha Na Na  Hot Sex KAMA SUTRA KSS 705
75 Charlie Daniels Band Tomorrow'S Gonna Be Another Day KAMA SUTRA KSS 706
76 Flamin' Groovies Teenage Head KAMA SUTRA KSS 707

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