K J Enterprises Records is Unusual for this site, in that the only one of its releases that I know of came in the form of a flexi-disc.  The vast majority of flexis were used for promotional purposes but very occasionally they were intended for sale.  Jonathan King put out flexi-singles on his Petrol and Silver Discs labels, and under the alias of 'Kilter Johnny' A.M. Ritchie of Aberdeen seems to have done the same on his K J Enterprises label.  His recordings of 'The Wee Sgian Dubh' and 'Sula' came out in June 1976 with a catalogue number of KJE-1002, which raises the question of what KJE-1001 was - I'd imagine there should be one.  Manufacture was by Lyntone, and the matrix number was LYN-3570.  Sadly, Googling doesn't bring up anything about Kilter Johnny or K J Enterprises.  If anybody knows anything about them, or about KJE-1001, I'd be interested to hear it. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Not Traced K J ENTERPRISES KJE 1001
76 A. M. Ritchie (Kilter Johny) With The Alex Sutherland Band The Wee Sgian Dubh K J ENTERPRISES KJE 1002

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