Independent Reggae label: K & B Records was Distributed by Black Wax for at least part of its existence. 'K & B' started life in 1974 and issued singles in a KB-5510 series, reaching KB-5540 in 1977. It had four different label designs during its lifetime. These designs came in a variety of colours, some of which are not very legible.  The blue 'grid' design was used for the first three singles; it turned yellow for the next three. A boxed logo followed, in grey-blue on white for KB-5517 and 5518, and in pink-on-white thereafter). The inverted triangle logo seems to have made its first appearance with KB-5521 and, in silver on various shades of blue or green, lasted until KB-5528, when the font used in it changed. The colour changed to purple-on-pink and the credits migrated to different positions on the label for the final few issues, starting with KB-5533. Some singles, presumably popular re-pressed ones, can be found with different types of labels. A number of the company's products were produced or recorded by Buster Pearson, who owned the label.  Buster Pearson (4 May 1941 - 14 October 2012), born Stedman Pearson in Jamaica, was a musician and producer, best known for being the father and former manager of British pop group Five Star. He also owned and ran a number of record labels, most notably the 70s reggae label K&B Records and the 80s R&B/dance label Tent Records, He moved to the UK in the late 1960s and toured as a guitarist with soul and reggae artists such as Otis Redding, Jimmy Cliff, Wilson Pickett and Desmond Dekker. He was married to Delores, mother to Five Star, who also helped out with the business side of things. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Buster Pearson  La La La K&B  KB 5511
75 Buster Pearson  She'S My Girl  K&B  KB 5512
75 Holt John  Share My Rest K&B  KB 5513
75 Buster Pearson  Ain'T It Groovy  K&B  KB 5514
75 John Christy & Jess Smith  One Man Woman K&B  KB 5515
75 Buster Pearson  Take It Easy Pt. K&B  KB 5516
75 Curtis Bobby  Cry  K&B  KB 5517
76 Curtisdennis  Come With Me K&B  KB 5518
76 African Stone  Run Rasta Run K&B  KB 5519
76 Alice Lynn  (You Keep Me) Hanging On  K&B  KB 5520
76 Cristy John & Jess Smith  Nothing Stronger Than Our Love  K&B  KB 5521
76 Buster Pearson  Pretty Girl  K&B  KB 5522
76 Tops  Crisis K&B  KB 5523
76 Mcdonald D.D.  I Believe K&B  KB 5524
76 Bailey Ricky  Proud Man K&B  KB 5525
76 Horace Andy Don'T Think About Me K&B  KB 5526
76 Newgend Linford   Black Princess K&B  KB 5527
76 Earl George  High School Dance K&B  KB 5528
76 Junior Ross & The Spear  Judgement Day K&B  KB 5529
76 Davis Ronnie   No Weak Heart  K&B  KB 5530
77 Alley Patrick  Come See Yeah  K&B  KB 5531
77 Wes Brooks  My Mind Is Made Up  K&B  KB 5532
77 Shorty The President  Barbican Heights K&B  KB 5533
77 Shorty The President  Barbican Heights K&B  KB 5534
77 Brooks Mike  Culture  K&B  KB 5535
77 Brooks Mike  Social Living  K&B  KB 5536
77 Not Isuued K&B  KB 5537
77 Not Isuued K&B  KB 5538
77 Not Isuued K&B  KB 5539
77 Patrick Allen Groovy Feeling K&B  KB 5540
77 Wes Brooks I Don't Wanna Lose You K&B  KB 5541

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