Independent Reggae label: Justice Records was owned by Count Shelly, in association with Bunny Lee, and linked with the Third World label.  Justice seems to have released at least sixteen 7" singles, reportedly in or around 1977, sadly there are no dates on the labels.  After 1977 it concentrated on 12" singles.  Catalogue numbers were mainly in a JUS-000 series, though, as can be seen from the discography below, there were exceptions. Justin Records Former address Third World Recording Co. Ltd.: 113A Stoke Newington Road, London N16 and 261 High Road Park, Tottenham, London N15 4 RR. Distributed By Third World Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Jonnie Clarke  Up Park Camp  JUSTICE JS 001
77 Cornell Campbell  Turn Back The Hands Of Time  JUSTICE JUS 001
77 Cornell Campbell  Prisoner Of Love  JUSTICE JUS 002
77 Not Traced JUSTICE JS 003
77 Johnny Clarke Want-E Want-E Can't Get It  JUSTICE JU 004
77 Jonnie Clarke  We'Re Going To A Ball JUSTICE JU 005
77 Jah Stitch / The Agrovators Words Of Wisdom / Advertise Agrovation JUSTICE JU 006
77 Not Traced JUSTICE JS 007
77 Not Traced JUSTICE JS 008
77 I Roy One Love  JUSTICE JUS 009
77 Jonnie Clarke  River Of Babylon  JUSTICE JUS 010
77 Jonnie Clarke  Leave Babylon JUSTICE JUS 010
77 Jah Stitch  Real Born African  JUSTICE JUS 012
77 Delroy Wilson  You Are Gonna Get A Beating JUSTICE JUS 013
77 Leroy Smart No Love / Love Version JUSTICE JUS 014
76 Not Traced JUSTICE JUS 101
76 Not Traced JUSTICE JUS 102
76 Not Traced JUSTICE JUS 103
76 Jah Stittch Marshall Dread  JUSTICE JUS 104
77 Robert Shakespear & The Agrovators Aggrovating Instrumental JUSTICE JUS 105
77 Denis Alcapone Want Piece A Jamdown JUSTICE JUS 106
77 I Roy I Am The Toughist JUSTICE JUS 107
77 I Roy Dub It In The Morning JUSTICE JUS 108
77 Johnie Clarke / I Roy One Love / Love Version  JUSTICE JUS 109
77 Not Traced JUSTICE JUS 110
77 Johnie Clarke Dancing Shoes JUSTICE JUS 111

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