Independent label: Jumbo Records was a Leeds-based record shop and  Reggae label, run by Hunter Smith, possibly in association with Bill and Pete Campbell of BB Records.  Jumbo seems to have issued eight singles in 1975-76, including the one shown, Pete Campbells' 'Heavy Winner' (JUM-008; 1976).  Numbers were basically in the JUM-000s, though one or both of the noughts could be omitted, and the label appeared in a black-on-white version as well as a brown-on-yellow one. Distributed By Jumbo Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Ginger Williams  I Must Be Dreaming  JUMBO JUM  1
76 X-Press It'S Been So Long  JUMBO JUM  2
76 Billy Campbell  Sha La La La JUMBO JUM  3
76 Bill Campbell  For The Love Of You JUMBO JUM  04
76 Angeletta  I'M So Blue  JUMBO JUM  05
76 Pete Campbell  Randy Mandy  JUMBO JUM 6
76 Not Traced JUMBO JUM  007
76 Pete Campbell  Heavy Winer JUMBO JUM  008
76 Inner Vision  Free Black People JUMBO JUM  009

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