Independent label: Jumbo Records was a Leeds-based record shop and  Reggae label, run by Hunter Smith, possibly in association with Bill and Pete Campbell of BB Records.  Jumbo seems to have issued eight singles in 1975-76, including the one shown, Pete Campbells' 'Heavy Winner' (JUM-008; 1976).  Numbers were basically in the JUM-000s, though one or both of the noughts could be omitted, and the label appeared in a black-on-white version as well as a brown-on-yellow one. Distributed By Jumbo Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Ginger Williams  I Must Be Dreaming  JUMBO JUM  1
76 X-Press It'S Been So Long  JUMBO JUM  2
76 Billy Campbell  Sha La La La JUMBO JUM  3
76 Bill Campbell  For The Love Of You JUMBO JUM  04
76 Angeletta  I'M So Blue  JUMBO JUM  05
76 Pete Campbell  Randy Mandy  JUMBO JUM 06
76 The Family Choice As Long As You Love Me / Track Of Time JUMBO JUM  007
76 Pete Campbell  Heavy Winer JUMBO JUM  008
76 Inner Vision  Free Black People JUMBO JUM  009

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