JUMBO (Jingles)

Independent label: Jumbo Records would appear to have been the only company in the 1970s which specialised in issuing records of radio jingles, with emphasis on jingles which featured on offshore radio stations.  In the days before there were satellite and online radio stations catering for every possible musical taste, the only official provider of music to the nation was the BBC.  To a large extent the Beeb failed to keep its pulse on what the young people were interested in, musically speaking, so they used to tune in to Radio Luxembourg or to radio stations which broadcast from ships in the coastal waters around Britain.  Jumbo collected jingles from those programmes, and issued them in 7" form.  Presumably the records were aimed at DJs and at people who wanted a memento of the radio stations; the target audience must have been rather limited.  The dates of operation were 1974-75, which were the years when government crackdowns on 'pirate' radio stations started to have a terminal effect.  Jumbo JR1 (1974) Over forty jingles including "all the deejays say, this one's on its way", "remember this golden classic" and many more. Jumbo JR2 (1975) The A side has Caroline jingles, and the B side features Radio Mi Amigo jingles. Jumbo JR3 (1974) 40 Radio Northsea International Jingles and promo's recorded between 1970 and 1974. Jumbo JR4 (1975) 100 Offshore Radio JinglesThis double EP features jingles from Caroline, Mi Amigo, London, Tower, Veronica and many other offshore stations from around the world. Jumbo JR5 (1975) More All Time Favourite Jingles a follow up to All time favourite jingles that includes "flashback", "solid gold", "more music" and others. Jumbo Records & Tapes Former Address: 15 Clifton Gardens, London N5. Distributed By East Anglian Productions is now trading as EAP. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Various Artists All Time Favourite Jingles  JUMBO JR 1
75 Various Artists Radio Caroline Jingles JUMBO JR 2
74 Various Artists Radio Northsea International Jingles  JUMBO JR 3
75 Various Artists 100 Offshore Radio Jingles JUMBO JR 4
75 Various Artists More All Time Favourite Jingles JUMBO JR 5
80 The One Shots Goodbye Caroline / Caroline Jingles JUMBO JR 6
74 Various Artists All Time Favourite Jingles  JUMBO GR 1

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