Independent label: JSP Records initials stand for John Steadman Productions - is a London-based company, specializing in Blues (a mixture of new recordings and reissues) and historical Jazz recordings.  It started life in 1978 and is still going today.  Mostly its products have been albums, and lately CDs, but the occasional single or EP slipped out in the early years.  These 7" records appeared in a JSP-4500 series; 4501 to 4504 were released in 1979; 4503, Kid Thomas's 'Rockin' This Joint' was expanded into an EP and re-released in 1984 as 4505.  The labels came in at least two different colours; promos were marked with a hand-stamp. Distributed By JSP Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Jerry Butler & The Impressions Shorty's Got To Go JSP JSP 4501
79 Cleo Page I Love To Eat It - Hamburger JSP JSP 4502
79 Kid Thomas Rockin' This Joint JSP JSP 4503
79 Chuck Akin Roberta JSP JSP 4504
79 Kid Thomas  Rockin' This Joint JSP JSP 4505

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