Joy Records would appear to have been a small independent or a DIY concern.  The single by The Dougan Sisters, 'What Colour Is God's Skin' b/w 'Daddy's Little Girl' was its only release.  The single came out in 1978 and had a catalogue number of JOY-101.  Both sides are basically just vocal and acoustic guitar - one sister providing each, I suppose - with bass guitar, pedal steel and synthesized strings chipping in occasionally.  One of the talent contest pictures on the Old Warrenpoint forum, from Northern Ireland, features Alma Horridge and a trio of young girls called the Dougan Sisters; they look about the right age to have performed on this record, and the oldest has an acoustic guitar.   Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 The Dougan Sisters What Colour Is God's Skin JOY JOY 101

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