Joy Records was a DIY Irish label. formed by the Rascals. It managed two singles. It issued singles in an EN-0 numerical series. The Rascals. was formed by members of The Denver Showband formed around the Ponsonby family of Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. These embarked on a period of great experimentation" as Section One, which ended in 1973, coinciding with a name change to The Rascals. They made two self-released singles. The first - Rocks Of Bawn /  Kiss Kiss. The second - I Got The Feelin' / Guitar Man. There were three further singles on EMI credited to The Rascal.

74 The Rascals Rocks Of Bawn /  Kiss Kiss JOY EN 1
75 The Rascals I Got The Feelin' / Guitar Man JOY EN 2

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