John Cresswell Associates appears to have been a promotions company.  It was operating in the early 1970s, and it was responsible for at least one record, 'Oranges And Lemons', an EP of nineteen nursery rhymes sung by the Wilfred Johns Singers with accompaniment by the Yorke De Souza Trio.  The EP was available from soft-drinks company Sun Quick, and was presumably supplied when customers sent in a given number of tokens from the company's products.  Its matrix number was JOHN-1, and the year of issue 1972.  There doesn't appear to have been a JOHN-2, but it's not the kind of number that produces very satisfactory results when googled.  Sadly, information about John Cresswell Associates online seems to be practically non-existent, though they do appear to have had the rights to a photograph which was taken in 1970.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Wilfred Johns Singers Oranges And Lemons JOHN CRESSWELL ASSOCIATES JOHN 1

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