Independent Reggae label: Joe Records was another small label dedicated to the productions originating in the UK, this time by Joe Mansano from Trinidad. Unusually the first series of around 9 Joe singles (with the blue label) were issued with Duke catalogue numbers. The second series,all issued in 1970 and with the yellow and brown label had their own catalogue numbers. There were around 17 issues in the second series with a couple only appearing on blanks. Manufactured And Distributed By Duke Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Critics & Nyah Shuffle Behold JOE JRS 1
70 Dean Paula & Nyah Shuffle Since I Met You Baby JOE JRS 2
70 Martel Ray She Caught The Train JOE JRS 3
70 Joe Mansano The Thief JOE JRS 4
70 Lloyd Dice Trial Of Pama Dice JOE JRS 5
70 Joe The Boss Son Of Al Capone JOE JRS 6
70 Girlie Small Charge JOE JRS 7
70 Brown Pamela People Are Running JOE JRS 8
70 Joe'S Allstars Tony B'S Theme JOE JRS 9
70 Joe The Boss If Life Was A Thing JOE JRS 10
70 Williams Delroy & The Reaction  Don'T Play That Song  JOE JRS 11
70 Joe's All Stars Spanish Harlem JOE JRS 12
70 Joe'S All Stars  Joe'S Song  JOE JRS 13
70 Lloyd, Mum & Barrister  Appeal Of Pama Dice  JOE JRS 14
70 Girlie The Rooster JOE JRS 15
70 Dice The Boss & Joe  Lazarus  JOE JRS 16
70 Dice The Boss  The Informer  JOE JRS 17

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