J.J. / J.J.R

Independent label:  J.J. Records was from 1974. J.J. Records appears to have managed at least sixteen releases. Singles and EPs (and LPs?) shared the same numerical JJ-000 series, but singles had an 'SP' inserted after the 'JJ', EPs and 'EP'.  The first two out of the blocks were an EP by the Melfi Boys, 'Spaghetti' (JJ EP-001; 1974) and a single by Norman Kenway, Black Lady' (JJ SP-002; 1974).  The highest number JJ SP-116, 'Tired Of Writing Love Songs' by The Unknown, which dates from 1979.  At the moment, most of the others are cloaked in mystery.  The huge gap in numbers requires explaining - it may be that there was a gap in the label's operations and that numbers started in the JJ-100s afterwards, but that's just speculation.  The Kenway single described as 'Bolanesque Glam', while the Melfi Boys seem to have been a drums-and-organ duo: their EP contains a novelty song about Spaghetti, a love song and a Cozy-Powell-type instrumental.  The rarity of the records and the Cabaret / Club sound of the Melfi's EP suggest that J. J. was a custom-recording concern.  There is nothing on the sleeve pictured above to show that it was a company sleeve as such, but it is the right colour and it came with the EP.  The label itself came in silver-on-dark-blue as well as in the colours shown. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Melfi Boys Spaghetti J.J JJEP 001
74 Kenway Norman  Black Lady J.J JJSP 002
76 Marna And Alan Time Will Ease The Pain J.J JJSP 003
74 Not Traced J.J JJSP 004
77 Jason Rawlins He'll Have To Go J.J JJSP 005
77 Not Traced J.J JJSP 006
77 Not Traced J.J JJSP 007
77 Not Traced J.J JJSP 008
77 Not Traced J.J JJSP 009
77 Not Traced J.J JJSP 010
78 A La Mode Isn't She Lovely J.J JJEP 011
79 Lee Kenway And The Kenways You Don't Know Me J.J JJEP 012
79 Not Traced J.J JJSP 013
79 Cruisers Wonderful Dreamer J.J JJEP 014
80 Paul South The Anthem J.J JJSP 015
80 Not Traced J.J JJSP 016
80 Not Traced J.J JJSP 017
80 Graham Desmond One Day At A Time J.J JJSP 018

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