Jingles Records was a small independent company, based in St. Martin's Court, London WC2.  The four Jingles records that I have seen listed date from 1977-78 and appear to have Jazz or possibly MOR leanings. Three were LPs, but there was one 7" EP, 'The Bewitching Sound Of Betty & Brass' (LYN-4751; 1977).  The 'Betty' was Betty Smith, a singer and saxophonist; with the accompaniment of the Tony Lee Trio she was also responsible for one of the albums on the label, 'With You In Mind' (LYN-5869; 1978?).  For the sake of interest, the other two albums were Roger Lee's 'For The Good Times' (LYN-4040; 1977), and 'Love Is All' by David Bexon (LYN-4405; 1977).  There may well be others out there.  Pressing was by Lyntone, and the matrix / catalogue numbers are taken from the series used by that company. Distributed By Jingles Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Betty Smith The Bewitching Sound Of Betty And Brass JINGLES LYN 4751 / LYN 4752

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