Independent label: Jigsaw Records was the label of Dave Williams' Jigsaw Studios; though the label had a much shorter life than the studio did, operating only from 1979-80. The presence of LPs by the Home Service and the Bully Wee Band in the Jigsaw catalogue suggests that it had a Folk slant. The label's first single, 'Rainbow Waters', by Driftwood (JIG-1) came out in November 1979; it was pressed by Lyntone (LYN-7263) and distributed by Polygram.  In January of the following year distribution switched to Spartan. The company released at least three albums, in a SAW-0 numerical series, and six singles, in the JIG-0s. Oddly, the same cat.no of JIG 5 was re-used two years later for the single by Remote Start. Distributed By Polygram and Spartan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Driftwood Rainbow Waters JIGSAW JIG 1
80 Crazy Joe & Variable Speed Band Eugene JIGSAW JIG 2
80 Beaton John IM Yours JIGSAW JIG 3
81 Clinch  Sweethearts   JIGSAW JIG 4
80 Sam Apple Pie What's The Matter With Me JIGSAW JIG 5
82 Remote Start Automated Man JIGSAW JIG 5

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