Independent label: Jet was formed by ex-Warner Bros. general manager Des Brown and producer / managers Don and David Arden, whose Arden Management clients the Electric Light Orchestra provided the label with most of its successes. Lynsey De Paul, Ozzy Osbourne and Roy Wood also took the label into the Singles charts. Jet started out in October 1974. Its first single was released through Polydor / Phonodisc as a one-off arrangement, and that other Polydor / Phonodisc singles followed, again on a record by record basis.  Numbering was in a JET-700 series, starting at JET-747, and the Phonodisc connection resulted in injection-moulded labels. After only five releases Jet signed a licensing agreement with Island; Lynsey De Paul's 'My Man And Me' (JET-750) can be found with both Polydor's injection-moulded labels and Island / EMI's paper ones; the blue paper label, seems to have been unique to that single, subsequent issues having the familiar yellow label. Island had its own distribution network, but EMI handled Island's products for customers who whom that network did not cover. After six months or so Jet returned to Polydor, this time on a licensing agreement, and the blue injection-moulded labels came back. In the Autumn of 1976 it moved again, this time to United Artists, starting off there, modestly, as a logo on the United Artists label, the JET-700 numbering was abandoned, Jet singles sharing UA's UP-36000 series. With its second release under the new deal the yellow paper labels were reintroduced and Jet became a separate entity again, though it still shared UA's numbering system and the credits had a different appearance to that of the Island issues. Yet another move, to CBS, in mid '78, saw the introduction of a JET-100 numerical series, again the label's design remained the same but the layout of the credits changed.  When CBS began using injection-moulded labels, towards the end of the decade, some copies of Jet singles appeared in that format; unlike the early releases these were coloured yellow.  Jet stayed with CBS until the middle of the 80s, when it folded. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Lynsey De Paul No Honestly JET JET 747
76 Bones  My One & Only JET JET 748
76 Froggatt Raymond Band Try To Get You Into My Life JET JET 749
76 Lynsey De Paul My Man And Me JET JET 750
76 Chopyn In The Midnight Hour JET JET 751
76 Chopyn Wasting Time JET JET 752
76 Marten Len Champion Red Rum JET JET 753
76 Wood Roy Oh What A Shame JET JET 754
76 Lynsey De Paul Rhythm And Blue Jean Baby JET JET 755
76 Carradine David Around JET JET 756
76 Steve Russell Summer Love JET JET 757
76 Wizzard Rattlesnake Roll JET JET 758
76 Smiley & Co You Got Me Runnin' JET JET 759
76 Not Traced JET JET 760
76 Wood Roy Look Thru' The Eyes Of A Fool JET JET 761
76 Lynsey De Paul Happy Christmas From Me To You JET JET 762
76 Lynsey De Paul Hug And Squeeze Me JET JET 763
76 Electric Light Orchestra Evil Woman JET JET 764
76 Lynsey De Paul Love Bomb JET JET 765
76 Windowmaker On The Road JET JET 766
76 Windowmaker When I Met You JET JET 767
76 Wood Roy Indiana Rainbow JET JET 768
76 Electric Light Orchestra Nightrider JET JET 769
76 Fulson Lowell Do You Love JET JET 770
76 Not Traced JET JET 771
76 Not Traced JET JET 772
76 Not Traced JET JET 773
76 Lynsey De Paul If I Don'T Get You The Next One Will JET JET 774
76 Man United Supporter Club One Of Those Teams JET JET 775
76 Fast Buck Sometime Man JET JET 776
76 Bevan Bev Let There Be Drums JET JET 777
76 Carradine David Cosmic Joke JET JET 778
76 Electric Light Orchestra Strange Magic JET JET 779
76 Not Traced JET JET 780
76 Russell Steve Summer Love JET JET 781
76 Window Maker Pin A Rose On Me JET JET 782
76 Bandylegs Bet You Can'T Dance JET JET 783
76 Rabbitt Something Going Wrong JET JET 784
76 Wood Roy Any Old Time Will Do JET JET 785
76 Electric Light Orchestra Livin Thing JET UP 36184
77 Electric Light Orchestra Rockaria JET UP 36209
77 Trickster To Fly Away JET UP 36224
77 Trickster Listen To My Music JET UP 36323
77 Seahorse I Need A Friend JET UP 36231
77 Koffee N Kreme My World (Keeps Getting Smaller Everyday) JET UP 36244
77 Electric Light Orchestra Telephone Line JET UP 36254
77 Windowmaker What A Way To Fall JET UP 36263
77 Alan Price Meet The People JET UP 36274
77 Lynne Jeff Doin' That Crazy Thing JET UP 36281
77 Trickster If That'S The Way The Feeling Takes You JET UP 36288
77 Quartz Sugar Rain JET UP 36290
77 Lynch & Lawson Emmy Lou  JET UP 36306
77 Electric Light Orchestra Turn To Stone JET UP 36313
77 Kingfish Goodbye Yer Honor  JET UP 36314
77 Alan Price I've Been Hurt ? JET UP 36315
77 Quartz Street Fighting Lady JET UP 36317
77 Trickster Listen To My Music JET UP 36323
78 Electric Light Orchestra Mr Blue Sky JET UP 36342
78 Price Alan Just For You JET UP 36358
78 Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes JET UP 36365
78 Trickster Money Or Your Life JET UP 36366
78 Rita Wright Love Is All You Need JET UP 36382
78 Cold Comfort Phone In JET UP 36383
78 Electric Light Orchestra Rockaria! JET S JET 100
78 Electric Light Orchestra Telephone Line JET S JET 101
78 Jeff Lynne Doin' That Crazy Thing JET S JET 102
78 Electric Light Orchestra Turn To Stone JET S JET 103
78 Electric Light Orchestra Mr Blue Sky JET S JET 104
78 Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes JET JET 105
78 Trickster Money Or Your Life JET JET 106
78 Rita Wright Love Is All You Need JET JET 107
78 Price Alan Just For You JET JET 108
78 Electric Light Orchestra Wild West Hero JET S JET 109
78 Cold Comfort Phone In JET S JET 110
78 Raymond Froggatt Give Me A Call JET S JET 111
78 Verden & Luther On The Rebound JET S JET 112
78 Alan Price I Wanna Dance JET S JET 113
78 Third Encounter Checkin' On You JET S JET 114
78 Trickster Loser JET S JET 115
78 Magnum (3) Kingdom Of Madness JET S JET 116
78 Carl Perkins Mustang Wine / The Whole World Misses You JET S JET 117
78 Snips Waiting For Tonight JET S JET 118
78 Raymond Froggatt Me & My Ideas JET S JET 119
78 Sheikettes You Can Strike Oil In Hollywood JET JET 120
78 Electric Light Orchestra Sweet Talkin' Woman JET S JET 121
78 Not Traced JET JET 122
78 Cirrus (4) Rollin' On JET S JET 123
78 Alan Price I Love You Too JET S JET 124
78 Not Traced JET JET 125
78 Torme Bernie Band I'M Not Ready JET S JET 126
78 Not Traced JET JET 127
78 Magnum (3) Universe JET S JET 128
78 Not Traced JET JET 129
78 Neo Tran-Sister JET S JET 130
78 Kingfish Hard To Love Somebody JET S JET 131
78 Not Traced JET JET 132
78 Men Of Steel Hail Superman JET S JET 133
78 Kim Morrison Hollywood And Vine JET S JET 134
79 Price Alan Baby Of Mine JET JET 135
79 Violinski Clog Dance JET JET 136
79 Torme Bernie Band Weekend JET JET 137
79 Lawrence Stephanie Time & Emotion Man JET JET 138
79 Not Traced Weekend JET JET 139
79 Gurvits Adrian The Way I Feel JET JET 140
79 Not Traced JET JET 141
79 Slow Children Staring At The Ceiling JET S JET 142
79 Alan Price England My England JET JET 143
79 Electric Light Orchestra Shine A Little Love JET S JET 144
79 Kennedy Express Little Lolita JET S JET 145
79 Violinski Save Me JET S JET 146
79 Gurvitz Adrian Untouchable & Free JET S JET 147
79 Alan Price This Is Your Lucky Day JET JET 148
79 Trickster I'M Satisfield JET JET 149
79 Electric Light Orchestra Diary Of Horace Wimp JET JET 150
79 Clark Louis Escape JET JET 151
79 Royal Family Tour De France JET JET 152
79 Electric Light Orchestra Don'T Bring Me Down (Single)  3 Versions JET JET 153
80 Not Traced JET JET 154
80 Magnum Changes JET JET 155
80 Wilson-Gale & Co I Wanna Stay JET JET 156
80 Not Traced JET JET 157
80 Gurvitz Adrian She'S In Command JET JET 158
80 Girl My Number JET JET 159
80 Not Traced JET JET 160
80 Ekland Britt Do It To Me JET JET 161
80 Not Traced JET JET 162
80 Magnum Foolish Heart JET JET 163
80 Jimmy Grierson This Way Up  JET JET 164
80 Trickster Falling For The Wrong Guy JET JET 165
80 Electric Light Orchestra Confusion JET JET 166
80 Violinski Scenario JET JET 167
80 Zero-G Pitter Patter JET JET 168
80 Girl Do You Love Me JET JET 169
80 Price Alan Love You True JET JET 170
80 Kennedy Express Is There Life On Earth [ Ep ] JET JET 171
80 Gurvitz Adrian New World JET JET 172
80 Scrambled Egos Close Your Eyes JET JET 173
80 Violinski Silent Love JET JET 174
80 Magnum Magnum [Live] Double Single] JET JET 175
80 Girl Hollywood Tease JET JET 176
80 Price Alan House Of The Rising Sun JET JET 177
80 Not Traced JET JET 178
80 Electric Light Orchestra Im Alive JET JET 179
80 Humble Pie Fool For A Pretty Face JET JET 180
80 Raymond Froggatt Kelly JET JET 181
80 Perkins Carl Turnaround JET JET 182
80 G-Force Hot Gossip JET JET 183
80 Not Traced JET JET 184
80 Newton-John Olivia Xanadu JET JET 185
80 Violinski Ruby Rhythms JET JET 186
80 Not Traced JET JET 187
80 Magnum Changes [Live] JET JET 188
80 Quartz Street Fighting Lady JET JET 189
80 P45 Right Direction JET JET 190
80 Girl Love Is A Game JET JET 191
80 Not Traced JET JET 192
80 Not Traced JET JET 193
80 G-Force You JET JET 194
80 Electric Light Orchestra All Over The World JET JET 195
80 Newton-John Olivia Magic JET JET 196
80 Osbourne Ozzy Crazy Train JET JET 197
78 Electric Light Orchestra Elo [Ep] JET ELO 1

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