Independent Reggae label: Jessus Records was based in Shepherds Bush.  Jessus was owned by Maurice Wellington, 'Blacka Morwell', in association with Sir Jessus, a record-shop owner and sound-system man from Shepherds Bush, and was closely associated with the pair's 'Sir Jessus' label.  Jessus seems to have issued just the one single, Junior Byles's 'Know Where You're Going', which came out in 1976.  The catalogue number, JI-006, followed on from the JES-000 series used by the Sir Jessus label, which had ended at JES-5.  The only other single in the JI-000 series was 'Proverb' by Morwell Esquire (JI-009) came out on a new design of the Sir Jessus label - one which looked very like the label shown but which had a 'Sir' above the logo. Distributed By Sir Jessus Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 The Morwells Bit By Bit SIR JESSUS JES 1
75 The Morwells Swing And Dine SIR JESSUS JES 2
75 The Mor-Wells* / Wellington All Stars Don Morwell / The Killer SIR JESSUS JES 3
75 Morwells Come On Little Girl SIR JESSUS JES 4
76 Hortense Ellis With All My Heart SIR JESSUS JES 5
76 Junior Byles  Know Where You'Re Going  JESSUS JI 006
77 Not Traced SIR JESSUS JES 007
77 Not Traced SIR JESSUS JES 008
76 Morwell Esquire Proverb  SIR JESSUS JI 009
75 The Uprising Maytone Unchangeable Love SIR JESSUS JES 3

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