Jersey Records was a DIY label from Jersey. It was responsible for at least two 7" records, both of which featured Country artist Johnny Mason.  In addition, a song that he wrote was published by Jersey Music, so it is probably a safe guess that he was the driving force behind the label.  A single by him and The Tennessee Three, 'An Orphan's Prayer' came out in 1976 and had a catalogue number of JM-3.  It seems to have been sold in aid of the La Preference Children's Home, of St. Martin, Jersey, the name of which appears prominently at the top of the label - so prominently that I've also given it its own page on this site.  The solo EP shown, which features 'High Noon', 'Blue Side Of Lonesome', 'Wake Up Irene' and 'Nobody's Child', is undated and has no catalogue number even in the run-off, but it seems not unreasonable to suspect that it is from earlier in the '70s and that if it had a number it would be JM-1 or JM-2.  It was pressed by CBS.  Johnny Mason also recorded an album with the Tennessee Three, 'Jersey Island Of Dreams' (Spectrum, SSS-1011), and a cassette tape with the Barnstormers, 'Country Sounds Jersey Style', which again could be one of the missing JMs. Distributed By Jersey Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Johnny Mason High Noon JERSEY No Cat Number

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