Independent label: Jerry The Ferret Records was a DIY label. I'm not even sure whether this label is best listed under 'Jerry The Ferret' - which is the name of the band that recorded the single shown, 'One Step Forward' - or 'EGH', the prefix of its catalogue number, EGH-919: which has the look of an Orlake pressing. there don't appear to be any more records on the 'Jerry The Ferret' label, whereas it's possible that there are other EGH's out there.  Be that as it may.  There's no date on the label, but it date from March 1978 for its release.  The music is described in various sources as 'Pub Rock' and 'Country Rock', but an example listed as 'NWOBHM' went for a three-figure sum on ebay - albeit with a picture sleeve and a publicity sheet.  The band released an EP in 1980, featuring 'The Music Goes On' and three other tracks, but that was on Dead Horse records (DH-2001). Distributed By Jerry The Ferret Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Jerry The Ferret One Step Forward JERRY THE FERRET EGH 919

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