Independent label: Je Mar Sequence Recordss was one of several labels which specialized in providing records for ballroom dancing, the Je Mar (or Je-Mar) Sequence Records company was based in Pudsey, Leeds, as the company sleeve helpfully tells us.  It was a vehicle for the music of Geoff Heald, who also distributed the records; they were numbered in a GH-100 series, and catalogue numbers suggest that there were at least eighteen of them.  EPs and LPs shared the same GH-100 numerical series.  GH-104 to GH-111 were issued in 1976, which suggests that GH-101 (if there was one) may have appeared in 1975, but that's only a guess.  GH-118, which came out in 1979 and was made through SRT, seems to have been the last in the series.  Early and late Je Mar singles had paper labels in various colours, including silver-on-black, black-on-yellow and black-on-orange as well as the ones shown; middle-era ones were injection-moulded and were pressed by Polydor - they too came in different colours, including red. Distributed By Geoff Heald Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Not Issued JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 101
76 Geoff Heald's Music Cha Cha's / Rhumba's JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 102
76 Geoff Heald's Music King Of Dixieland/That's A Plenty JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 103
76 Geoff Heald's Music Morningtown Ride JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 104
76 Geoff Heald's Music Golden Tango JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 105
76 Geoff Heald's Music Hello Dolly / Struttin' With Maria  JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 106
76 Geoff Heald's Music Bye Bye Blues JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 107
76 Geoff Heald's Music Under The Bridge Of Paris JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 108
76 Geoff Heald's Music Save Your Kisses For Me / Congratulations JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 109
76 Geoff Heald's Music Eye Level  JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 110
77 Geoff Heald's Music Bean Bag / Wall Street Rag JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 111
77 Geoff Heald's Music King Of The Road / Your Sixteen JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 112
77 Geoff Heald's Music Careless Hands / April Love JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 113
76 Geoff Heald's Music Tangos b/w Sambas JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 114
76 Geoff Heald's Music Plays Old Time And Modern Sequence Dancing (Album) JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 115
78 Geoff Heald's Music Modern Waltzes And Barn Dances JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 116
78 Geoff Heald's Music Dancing And Listening (Album) JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 117
79 Geoff Heald's Music Oh Johnny Oh / Chinatown JE MAR SEQUENCE  GH 118

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