Independent label: Jay-Lee Records managed at least eleven issues. The date of operations was in or around 1978-79.  Presumably Jay-Lee was a small custom recording concern; the fact that JL-5 was a song in praise of Wrexham F.C. suggests that it was probably based in or around Wrexham, but the passage of thirty years seems to have erased nearly all trace of its existence.  It would appear that numbering was in a JL-0 series for singles and albums alike, EPs having a preliminary 'E'.  The labels came in red as well as in orange and green.  Distributed By Jay-Lee Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Not Traced JAY LEE JL 1
78 Not Traced JAY LEE JL 2
78 Not Traced JAY LEE JL 3
78 Exodus Have A Good Time JAY LEE JL 4
78 Harvisters Wrexham Football Song JAY LEE JLS 5
78 Pluto'S People Little Lady JAY LEE JL 6
78 Not Traced JAY LEE JL 7
78 Not Traced JAY LEE JL 8
78 Not Traced JAY LEE JL 9
78 Bryn Chamberlin & Eric Starr Calypso JAY LEE JL 10
78 Exodus We Are Exodus' (Album) JAY LEE JL 11

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