Jane Records was a DIY label. Apparently a one-off.  A single by Jane Leung, 'Heaven Help Us All' b/w 'Now You're Gone', seems to have been the only release on what was presumably Jane's own label.  There's no date on it, but Stevie Wonder issued the first version of 'Heaven Help Us All in 1970, which gives us a 'Not before'.  A Mecolico tax stamp on the 'B' side with '1.6' on it indicates that the single came out after decimalization, which took place in 1971; that brings the 'not before' date a little closer.  The recordings are in stereo, which may bring the date even closer - stereo was far from universal, early in the decade.  There's no catalogue number on either label or run-off; the only run-off markings are GL-A and GL-B on the appropriate sides.  I would guess that 'GL' were the initials of the person who was responsible for getting the record cut and pressed - a relative of Jane's, perhaps. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Jane Leung Heaven Help Us All JANE No Cat Number

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