Independent label: Jambo Records was part of music publishing company Jambo Music, which specialized - and indeed continues to specialize - in film music.  It started out in the early '70s, and handled the music for the entire Cannon Film catalogue.  The first single , 'How Can We Run Away?' by Roy Budd and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (JF-100) appears to have been a publishers' recording, rather than an issue; there isn't a date on it, the film from which the music was adapted came out in 1972.  The company was responsible for some bona fide issues in 1979-81; at least two were a reissue of the old Paul & Paula hit from 1963, 'Hey, Paula!' (JAMS-1; 1979), which was taken from the soundtrack of the film 'National Lampoon's Animal House', and Bruce Channel's 'Hey Baby' (JAMS-2; 1979), which also was taken from a film, 'Lemon Popsicle'.  There were also a couple of LPs: the soundtracks to 'Just A Gigolo' (JAM-1; 1979), and 'Riding High' (JAM-2; 1981).  The film of 'Just A Gigolo' featured David Bowie, but the soundtrack didn't, though one of his songs is on it.  Distribution of Jambo records was by Pye Records.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Roy Budd and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  How Can We Run Away JAMBO JF 100
79 Paul & Paula  Hey Paula JAMBO JAMS 1
79 Bruce Channel   Hey Baby  JAMBO JAMS 2

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