Independent Reggae label: Jamatel Records was owned by Count Shelley and thus associated with his Third World label.  Jamatel started issuing singles in 1975, in a JAL-0 (or sometimes JAL-00) series; it reached JAL-24 in 1977, but some of the numbers seem not to have been used.   Jamatel Records Former address: Third World Recording Co. Ltd, 113A Stoke Newington Road, London N16 and 261 High Road Park, Tottenham, London N15 4 RR. Distributed By Third World Recording Co. Ltd Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Jackie Bernard & The Kingstonians  Hear My Plea  JAMATEL JAL 1
75 Rondo Gene  Jim Dandy  JAMATEL JAL 2
75 Gray Owen  Fussing & Fighting  JAMATEL JAL 3
75 Prince Jazzbo  Freedom JAMATEL JAL 4
75 Heptones  I Am Crying  JAMATEL JAL 05
75 Big Youth  Town Without Pity  JAMATEL JAL 06
75 Nairobi Sisters  Promised Land JAMATEL JAL 07
75 Dennis Alcapone Gorgon Youth (Promo) JAMATEL JAL 08
75 Dennis Alcapone Natty Dread All Over (Promo) JAMATEL JAL 09
75 Valentine Brodie Living In The City JAMATEL JAL 10
75 Gray Owen  Take Away Everything JAMATEL JAL 11
76 Alcapone Dennis  Fattie Pum Pum JAMATEL JAL 12
76 Curtis Winston  Release Me  JAMATEL JAL 13
76 Honey Boy Martin & Winston Curtis  Let It Be Me  JAMATEL JAL 14
76 Melius Ray  Why Should You Cry JAMATEL JAL 15
76 Blackstones  Little Nut Tree JAMATEL JAL 16
76 Johnny Kool Long Time Ago JAMATEL JAL 17
76 Bunny Skolly  Fat Girl JAMATEL JAL 18
77 Edwards Jackie  When I Fall In Love JAMATEL JAL 19
77 Queen Tiney & Agrovators  Natty Dread Time  JAMATEL JAL 20
77 Morgan Derrick  People'S Decision JAMATEL JAL 21
77 Jah Frankie  Satta & Praise Jah JAMATEL JAL 22
77 Not Issued JAMATEL JAL 23
77 Zionites  Tourism JAMATEL JAL 24

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