Independent Reggae label: Jama Records was run by Pat Rhoden, Tito Simon and Earl Martin.  A more robust organisation than many of its competitors, Jama had at least two subsidiaries, Eagle and Love Records  and lasted from 1975 into the '80s.  Many of its records were manufactured by Phonogram, and had injection-moulded labels.  From 1976-77 the Jama labels were given mainstream distribution, through Transatlantic.  As far as numbering is concerned, it was somewhat haphazard, as the discography below shows.  Prefixes varied, both 'JAMA' and 'JA' being used; one single had a 'JAR' prefix, and the copy of 001 shown only has the 'JAMA' prefix in the matrix number.  The number of 0s in front of the actual number tended to vary too.  By mid 1979, Spartan had taken over distribution and the numbers had risen to JA-0048; the company was still going in October 1984, with distribution by Jetstar.  Some old numbers were re-used for new records in the 1980s. Distributed By Jama Music and Jetstar Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info. Jama Music Former address: 1 Brixton Station Road London SW9

75 London Jimmy  What Good Am I? JAMA   001
75 Collins Dave & Ansel  Heavy Boomerang  JAMA   002
75 Stewart Tinga  Red Red Wine  JAMA JAMA 003
75 White Joy  My Guy  JAMA JAMA 004
75 London Jimmy  I Am Your Puppet  JAMA JAMA 005
75 Diamonds  Hey Girl  JAMA JAMA 006
75 Miller Claudette  Tonight Is The Night JAMA JAMA 007
75 Dennis Densil  Long As You Love Me  JAMA JAMA 008
75 T. Washington Norman  Happy Christmas  JAMA JAMA 009
75 Seaton B.B.  Born Free JAMA JAMA 0010
75 Rhoden Pat   Sweet Sunshine  JAMA JAMA 11
76 Brooks Merlyn  Perfect Love  JAMA JAMA 0012
76 Miller Claudette & Ebony Sisters  I Must Be Dreaming JAMA JAMA 0013
76 Rhoden Pat   Happiness JAMA JAMA 14
76 Not Traced JAMA JA 0015
76 Junior English Lady Madana JAMA JA 0016
76 Bim & Clover  Sweet Heart JAMA JA 0017
76 Brown Busty  Only My Song To Sing  JAMA JAMA 0018
76 Robinson Jackie  Smile Like An Angel JAMA JAMA 0019
76 Simon Tito  Running Back For More  JAMA JA 0020
76 Dennis Densil  Let'S Pick Up The Pices  JAMA JA 0021
76 Jimmy London / Skin Flesh & Bone* It's So Hard  JAMA JA 22
76 Alley Patrick  You'Re All I Need JAMA JA 023
76 Royer Slater  Wonder  JAMA JA 24
76 Ezeke  Who'S Grovelling Now JAMA JA 025
76 Simon Tito  Over & Over JAMA JA 026
76 Brooks Merlyn I'V Been Down JAMA JA 27
76 Rhoden Pat Stop  JAMA JA 28
76 Stewart Tinga  You Should Never Do That  JAMA JA 29
76 Earl George  Island In The Sun JAMA JA 030
76 Seaton B.B.  There'S A Fire JAMA JA 031
76 Mack Joy  At The Club  JAMA JA 32
76 Williams Sabrina  I Just Want To Love You JAMA JAMA 33
77 Seaton B.B.  All The Best Things  JAMA JA 34
77 Fischer Willie  Put Your Lovin On Me  JAMA JA 35
77 Not Traced JAMA JA 36
77 Webber Merlyn  One Life To Live  JAMA JA 0037
77 Simon Tito  Rocking Time  JAMA JAS 0038
77 Bill Gentle I Want To Be Love JAMA JA 0039
77 Powell Verna Lee  He Is My Santa Claus JAMA JA 0040
77 Fischer Willie  One Way Street  JAMA JA 0041
77 Gentle Billy  I Saw You JAMA JA 0042
77 Webber Merlyn  First Cut Is The Deepest JAMA JAR 0043
85 Ronnie Davis No One Can Take Your Place  JAMA JA 44
77 Traditionals  Civilise Time JAMA JA 0045
77 Not Traced   JAMA JA 46
78 Cool Notes  My Tune  JAMA JA 0047
80 Powell Verna Lee  Sit Down Let'S Talk About It JAMA JA 0048
80 Clarke Lloyd  Young Love  JAMA JA 0049
80 Rhoden Pat Stop JAMA JA 0050
80 Phil Francis Laugh It Off JAMA JA 0051

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