Independent label: JAM Records was A sister-label to Dick James Music's 'DJM' label, Jam was intended to act as the 'Pop' outlet of the company, with DJM itself being reserved for the more contemporary and progressive releases.  It ran side by side with DJM from early 1972 until the end of 1973.  At that point it was shelved, and artists whose records had previously come out on Jam found themselves on DJM.  Jam only entered the Singles Chart twice, on both occasions with Rock band Blackfoot Sue; 'Standing In The Road' (JAM-13) was the bigger of the two hits, getting to No.4 in 1972.  'Witch Hunt' by Frog (JAM-39) is collectable.  Jam's singles came in a rather attractive company sleeve.  Pressing and distribution were by Pye, as they were for DJM at that time. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Puzzle Houla JAM JAM 1
72 Vanity Fare Big Parade JAM JAM 2
72 Wood Hayden That'S A Mighty Road JAM JAM 3
72 T N T Big Trouble JAM JAM 4
72 Savalas Telly We All End Up The Same JAM JAM 5
72 Woodward Edward We'Ll Only Hurt Ourselves JAM JAM 6
72 Tyrone & Carr I Want To Give You My Everything JAM JAM 7
72 Truffie Poco Poco JAM JAM 8
72 Thomas Vaughan Woman JAM JAM 9
72 King Dennis Girl And A Golden Ring JAM JAM 10
72 Mitty Walter Caroline JAM JAM 11
72 Lindsay Jimmy Giving Up To Get JAM JAM 12
72 Blackfoot Sue Standing In The Road JAM JAM 13
72 Rescue Co No 1 Amanda  JAM JAM 14
72 Butterscotch Can'T You Here The Song JAM JAM 15
72 Sylvester Gimmie Time JAM JAM 16
72 Mansell Tony Singers Detective'S Lot JAM JAM 17
72 Bitter Suite It'S Been A Long Long Time JAM JAM 18
72 Symon'S Jazzband Hay Jude JAM JAM 19
72 Bandy Dog I Wanna Hear Rock 'N' Roll Music JAM JAM 20
72 Wood Hayden Where Are We All Going To JAM JAM 21
73 Hazy Osterwald Oumbala Oumbalo JAM JAM 22
73 Birds Of A Feather You Know Me Better JAM JAM 23
73 Esprit De Corps If JAM JAM 24
73 Troggs Wild Things JAM JAM 25
73 Vaughan Thomas Giants JAM JAM 26
73 Rescue Co No 1 I Stand Alone JAM JAM 27
73 Doubloon Go Anywhere JAM JAM 28
73 Blackfoot Sue Sing Dont Speak JAM JAM 29
73 Bitter Suite Moonshine JAM JAM 30
73 Steven Shane I'M Beginning To Touch You JAM JAM 31
73 Esprit De Corps Lonely JAM JAM 32
73 Proudfoot Giant JAM JAM 33
73 Newbeats Tha Way You Do Things You Do JAM JAM 34
73 Jesters Fool For A Day JAM JAM 35
73 Tyrone & Carr Love Me Love You JAM JAM 36
73 Moon Williams Looking For Love JAM JAM 37
73 Watts Girl You Make It Easy JAM JAM 38
73 Frog Living Dead JAM JAM 39
73 Miller Lloyd It Takes Two JAM JAM 40
73 Mccafrey Bridges Motorway & Dams JAM JAM 41
73 Woodward Edward Mamam JAM JAM 42
73 Bitter Suite Six O'Clock News JAM JAM 43
73 Blackfoot Sue Summer JAM JAM 44
73 Rescue Co No 1 It'S Only Words JAM JAM 45
73 Wood Hayden I Don'T Wanna Lose You JAM JAM 46
73 Rowe Bob Skylab JAM JAM 47
73 Tribute Bobby Charlton JAM JAM 48
73 Archer Ron Nothing But The Best JAM JAM 49
73 Keith Brian Kids Never Harm Anybody At All JAM JAM 50
73 Randall Alan When Victoria Falls JAM JAM 51
73 Electric Dolls Dr Love JAM JAM 52
73 Blackfoot Sue Me Oh My JAM JAM 53
73 Esher Bill & Beacons Sixty Seven JAM JAM 54
73 Donettes My Donny JAM JAM 55
73 Star C Alex JAM JAM 56
73 Claggers Primo JAM JAM 57
73 Zango Willy & Machanics Groom JAM JAM 58
73 Brothers Lees Night That The Orchestra Sang JAM JAM 59
73 Cornish Barry Questions JAM JAM 60

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