Independent Scottish label: JAI Records operating out of an address in Bryson Crsescent, Buckie.  JAI. was formed in 1978 for the twin purposes of raising money for local charities and giving local artists the chance to make a record.  It seems to be a reasonable guess that the company took its name from the initials of the Christian names of the three men mentioned on the label of the Don Grant Band single shown: Jeff Jones, Alasdair McLean and Ian Cowie.  In 1980 the label was stoped making records because the cost was making a pressing run of 1,000 uneconomical.  J.A.I. had made 'many' records, at least three an EP by Romaru, 'Skirmish On The Moray Coast' (JAI-S2) and a couple of singles by the Don Grant Band: 'Sea Of Heartbreak' b/w 'Bonnie Kirkwall Bay' (JAI-S1; 6/78), and 'Detroit City' b/w 'Mocking Bird'.  The last of those three came out in March 1979; J.A.I. went on to make at least one cassette tape - possibly two - again for charity and featuring local artists, this time mixed in with 'sound pictures' of the area.  The one that definitely got made was called 'Buckie 1981'; it was issued in July 1981 and retailed at 3.99.  A second tape, in aid of the RNLI, was due for release in September of that same year, but whether it actually appeared or not remains to be determined. The look of the label of 'Sea Of Heartbreak' suggests that it was made through Craighall Studios of Edinburgh, as does its TD-7231 matrix number - see 'TD (Craighall Studios)'.  Proceeds from the sale of that record went to the RNLI.  Judging by reports of the number of local fishing boats lost at sea with their crews from 1978-81 the title of the single was all too accurate.  Distributed By JAI Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Don Grant Band Sea Of Heartbreak JAI JAI S 1
79 Romaru Skirmish On The Moray Coast (flexi) JAI JAI S 2
79 Don Grant Band Detroit City JAI JAI S 3

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