Independent Reggae label: Jah Lion Records was owned by Les Cliff in association with Winston Curtis, Jah Lion Records was a subsidiary of Empire Music.  It operated from 1975-81, and seems to have concentrated on 12" singles for the latter part of its existence.  Singles, numbered in a JLDC-600 series. Distributed By Empire Music Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Aston Gayle  Wake Up Jah Jah Children  JAH LION  JL EP 701
76 Miestro  Murder The Barber JAH LION  JL EP 702
76 Johnny Mahoney Johnny's Great Pastures JAH LION  JL EP 703
76 Not Traced JAH LION  JL EP 704
76 Capital Letters  You Gonna Need Me JAH LION  JL EP 705
76 Not Traced JAH LION  JL EP 706
76 Miestro  Down In The Devil Church Yard  JAH LION  JL EP 707

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