Independent Reggae label: Jaguar Records Parent Label was Dynamic Sounds and owned by Bruce White and Tony Cousins, and thus a member of their Creole stable along with Cactus, Dynamic, Rhino and Dinosaur.  Jaguar released at least five singles in 1973, using a JAG-100 numbering series.  It had a longer-lasting Jamaican equivalent. Distributed By Dynamic Sounds Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Hendriks Hugh & Buccaneers  Mistic Blue (Part 1)  JAGUAR JAG 101
73 Jah Lloyd And Douglas Boothe  Channel One  JAGUAR JAG 102
73 Heptones  Drifting Away  JAGUAR JAG 103
73 Jah Lloyd  Psalm 2 JAGUAR JAG 104
73 Big Youth  Hot Cross Bun  JAGUAR JAG 105

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