Independent Reggae label: Jaguar Records Parent Label was Dynamic Sounds and owned by Bruce White and Tony Cousins, and thus a member of their Creole stable along with Cactus, Dynamic, Rhino and Dinosaur.  Jaguar released at least five singles in 1973, using a JAG-100 numbering series.  It had a longer-lasting Jamaican equivalent. Distributed By Dynamic Sounds Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Hendriks Hugh & Buccaneers  Mistic Blue (Part 1)  JAGUAR JAG 101
73 Jah Lloyd And Douglas Boothe  Channel One  JAGUAR JAG 102
73 Heptones  Drifting Away  JAGUAR JAG 103
73 Jah Lloyd  Psalm 2 JAGUAR JAG 104
73 Big Youth  Hot Cross Bun  JAGUAR JAG 105
74 Not Traced JAGUAR JAG 106
74 Cornell Campbell / Agravators* You Should Be Ashamed (Jamaica Release) JAGUAR JAG 107
74 Not Traced JAGUAR JAG 108
74 Not Traced JAGUAR JAG 109
74 Not Traced JAGUAR JAG 110
74 Keith Stewart Farewell Mayanne / Daddy (Jamaica Release) JAGUAR JAG 111
74 Officials / The Dynamites Babylonian (Jamaica Release)  JAGUAR JAG 112

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