J.A.G Records was a DIY label from the early '70s. J.A.G. seems to mave managed just the one release, an EP entitled 'Sounds "Nice"' by a twin brothers band called 'Spit'n Image'.  There's no date on the record. The catalogue number on the cover is JAG-1, while the matrix number on the run-off is EG-1001.  Pressing was by Orlake.  The songs on the record are Club / Cabaret material; the sleeve notes say that the duo 'appeared in most of the major TV shows in Britain and on the continent' as well as having their own show on Radio Luxembourg.  Musical director was Eric Galloway; the initial of his surname may perhaps provide the 'G' in J.A.G.. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Spit'n Image Sounds "Nice J.A.G JAG 1

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