Independent label: J & B Recordings Records was a custom-recording and private-pressing firm, from Morden.  J & B made acetates and offered a tape-to-disc service, as can be seen from the example shown.  As is the case with other such companies, its products are almost impossible to trace, thanks to the tiny quantities in which they were pressed.  I can't even hazard a guess at when they began and ceased operating, but word has it that, doubtless unknowingly, they pressed a bootleg of an old Kinks single in 1976; so they were making 7" records in the 1970s.  Numbering of EPs was in a J&B EP-100 series, the John Kelly Choir EP 'Bavlalow' - a misprint, it should be 'Baulalow' - being J&B EP-108. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 John Kelly Choir Baulalow (EP) J&B   J&B EP 108
76 The Kinks You Still Want Me; You Do Something To Me J&B   No Cat Number
76 L.W.A. Youth Choir National Eisteddfod Swansea. 1964 J&B   No Cat Number

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