Independent label from 1979: It's War Boys Records was owned and run by Jim Welton, bass player with The Homosexuals.  All of the labels releases seem to have been by Welton, either solo or in collaboration with other artists, under pseudonyms.  Only one It's War Boys single was issued in the '70s: 'C'est Fab', by Nancy Sesay & the Melodaires (1), which came out in 1979.  The company's other twenty releases, which were a mixture of cassettes and LPs together with one more single, date from 1981 onwards.  The '' prefix was an unusual touch. Distributed By It's War Boys Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Sesay Nancy & Melodaires  C'Est Fab IT'S WAR BOYS 1
80 Amos And Sara Amos And Sara Sing The Private World Of Amos (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 2
81 Milk From Cheltenham Triptych Of Poisoners (Album) IT'S WAR BOYS 3
82 Sara Goes Pop Sara Goes Pop (Double Pack) IT'S WAR BOYS 4
83 Just Measurers Flagellation ?(LP, Album) IT'S WAR BOYS 5
83 Vic Serf & The Villains Rok Y Roll (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 6
83 Not Traced IT'S WAR BOYS 7
83 Klak Klak Moguls Dull Thudd Beet (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 8
83 Amos & Sara Go Home Soldier (12") IT'S WAR BOYS 9
83 Amos & Sara Amos & Sara... Invite To 'Endless Latino' (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 10
83 Amos & Crew True Tears (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 11
82 Sara Goes Pop Sara Goes Pop (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 12
83 Narky Brillans Goes Into Orbo (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 13
83 Not Traced IT'S WAR BOYS 14
83 Skim Nomrom & the Corolettes Copy Dex Wonder Land (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 15
83 Ron Dealo The Punishing Strings of Ron Dealo (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 16
83 Gus Coma Color Him Coma (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 17
83 Fear Merchants Mental (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 18
84 Ron Dealo Eep Little Creep (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 19
84 Lepke Buchwalter & King Kobra Lep vs King K (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 20
84 Modern Shit Will Make You Sick (Cassette) IT'S WAR BOYS 21

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