Independent label: Island USA Records was fleeting (1974-75) Soul subsidiary of Island Records. Island USA concentrated on singles, which were licensed from various American labels. Initially a USA-000 numerical series was used for the records; the number part changed to 2000 for the final three issues.  Manufacture was by EMI, with EMI and Island sharing the job of Distribution. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Swamp Dogg The Mind Does The Dancing ISLAND USADJ 1001
74 Robert Parker Get Ta Steppin' / Get Right On Down ISLAND USA 001
74 Swamp Dogg Did I Come Back Too Soon ISLAND USA 002
74 Ralfi Wonderful Thing / The Gambler ISLAND USA 003
75 Jay Dee Bryant Standing Ovation For Love ISLAND USA 004
74 The Meters Chicken Stru ISLAND USA 005
75 Survival Kit / Bobby McClure Daybreak / You Bring Out The Love In Me ISLAND USA 006
75 Not Traced ISLAND USA 007
75 Philly Sound, The / Fantastic Johnny C, The Waitin' For The Rain / Don't Depend On Me ISLAND USA 008
75 Soul Makers Missing You / Get What You Want ISLAND USA 2009
75 Peckers, The Peckin' / Loosen-Up ISLAND USA 2010
75 Betty Davis Shut Off The Light / He Was A Big Freak ISLAND USA 2011

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