Intro Records was a DIY label from Norwich. 'Extended Pleasure' by Peter Collins With Style, seems to have been Intro's only release.  The band appeared on 'New Faces' in early 1977, and qualified for the final.  The song that they played on their first appearance, 'Sarah's Coming Home', featured on the record, which was presumably made in response to the positive public reaction.  The EP was made in 1977 and has the look of an Orlake pressing; it had separate catalogue numbers for each side, INT-001 and INT-002.  The 'B' side contained just one song, a version of 'Macarthur Park', and the record had a picture sleeve.  The band also made an LP, presumably self-financed, which came out on the Strand label that same year ('Peter Collins With Style' LP, Strand Records, SR-100; 1977).  Peter Collins later recorded singles for major label Polydor ('Do I Love You', 2059-029; 2/79) and minor Monza ('This Mountain', MON-007; 1980) as well as making a self-financed EP on SRT ('This Is Me'. SRTS/81/CUS-1060; 1981).  He may possibly also have made singles for Decca (Get In A Boat', F-13048; 7/70) and DJM ('Is It Love', DJS-308; 7/74) earlier in the decade, if it's the same chap. Distributed By Intro Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Peter Collins With Style Extended Pleasure INTRO INT 001 / INT 002

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