Innovation Records was a DIY label. It managed one singles by the co-star of ITV's 'Double Your Money' show Monica Rose. 'Number 900 Perpendicular Street' (NOV-101; 1972) was a Cockney-singalong sort of thing.  Musical backing was provided by the Jack Dove Orchestra and the Nigel Brooks Singers, and the record was a product of Sontel Music Ltd. The form of the matrix number suggests that pressing was done by Pye. The follow-up, 'It's The Time Of The Year' b/w/ 'Love Is Fanciful' (NOV-102; 1973) was a Christmas record; the label of that single was cream-coloured with blue printing, and the label name was in a plainer font.  In both cases musical backing was provided by the Jack Dove Orchestra and the Nigel Brooks Singers, and the records were products of Sontel Music Ltd. Monica Rose went on to make an album for budget label Windmill Records a couple of years later. Monica Rose Born 11 February 1948 Died 2 February 1994) was a British TV quiz show hostess on Double Your Money and The Sky's the Limit, both presented by Hughie Green. Originally a contestant on Double Your Money, Rose was invited to become a hostess on the show by Green, impressed by her cockney charm and manner, and stayed for three years. She later worked on The Sky's the Limit. Rose left show business in 1977 and was admitted to hospital three years later suffering from a nervous breakdown. In 1982 she settled in Leicester where she worked as a checkout operator in a supermarket. After battling depression, Rose committed suicide by overdosing on antidepressants and tranquillisers in 1994. Distributed By Innovation Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Monica Rose Number 900 Perpendicular Street INNOVATION NOV 101
73 Monica Rose It's The Time Of The Year b/w/ Love Is Fanciful INNOVATION NOV 102

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