Independent Reggae label: Inner City Records issued around a dozen singles during the period 1977 to 1981.  Most of them were in 12" form, but the first, 'Cool Affair' by The Investigators (IC-101) was a 7".  That record came out in 1977.   There seems to have seen something of a gap after that, the next release not appearing till 1979.  Another 7" single, Black Stallion's 'Let's Have Summer Again' (IC-112), saw the light of day in or around 1980.  12" and 7" singles shared the same IC-100 series, for the most part.  Several of the records were attributed to Weld Productions.. Distributed By Inner City Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Investigators Cool Affair INNER CITY IC 101
78 Massagan Why (12") INNER CITY IC 102
79 Investigators Turn Out The Light (12") INNER CITY IC 103
80 Investigators Baby I'm Yours / I Want Your Love (12") INNER CITY IC 104
80 Investigators Close To You (12") INNER CITY IC 105
80 Beverly Knight* & Family Love Never Give Him Up (12") INNER CITY IC 106
81 Family Love Anniversary (12") INNER CITY IC 107
81 Investigators Love Is What You Make It (12") INNER CITY IC 108
81 Investigators Summertime Blues (12") INNER CITY IC 109
81 Black Stallion Best Girl  (12") INNER CITY IC 110
81 Eric Gordon  Make Up Your Mind / Wondering  (12") INNER CITY IC 111
81 Black Stallion's   Let's Have Summer Again INNER CITY IC 112
74 Horsey Seaton Syndicate Dutty Tuff INNER CITY IC 2001
74 Monty Morris Bimbo INNER CITY IC 2002

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