Independent label: Inline Records was the singles label of Line Records, of London.  It issued at least four singles in or around 1975, using an ENS-0 numbering series.  Three was sporting themes. They were 'Here We Are', by The Squad (ENS-1; 8/1975), 'Up and Under', by the England Rugby League Team 1975 (ENS-2; 1975), and ''Enry's 'Ammer', by King Roy (ENS-4' 1975).  Manufacture was by President, distribution by Enterprise, Lugton and H. R. Taylor.  'The Squad' was the 1975 England Football Team.  There was one unusual feature of the Inline label: it had the month of the record's release on it, whereas other labels - apart from special promotional issues - have only the year. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Squad Here We Are INLINE ENS 1
75 England Rugby League Team Up And Under INLINE ENS 2
75 The Welsh Rugby League International Squad Hear The Mighty Dragon's Roar (Rugby Version) INLINE ENS 3
75 Roy King  Enry'S 'Ammer INLINE ENS 4
76 Barry Stokes The Ups And Downs Of A Handyman (The Theme From The Film) INLINE ENS 5

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