Initial Recording Company Records was a DIY label. based in Egbaston, Birmingham, and was owned and run by Karel Beer. Its first releases were reissues of three records, two LPs and an EP, by expatriate Birmingham band Bachdenkel.  The EP, 'The Slightest Distance', was numbered IRC-000 and was given away free with the first album, 'Lemmings'.  'Lemmings' was originally released in 1970 (on the Philips label) in France, where the band had taken up residence.  Back then, there had been plans for it to come out as a three-sided double-album, the fourth side being blank; did the EP contain material that had to be shelved when the projected three sides were reduced to two. Bachdenkel records are apparently much loved by fans of Progressive music.  Initial issued another single, 'Fat City' by Irvin Mowrey, in 1979.  Three more singles followed in 1981: 'Automatic' by 30 Seconds (IRC-002), 'Kiss A Lot Of Frogs' by Tired Of Living (IRC-003; 8/81), and 'Abusing Myself' by The Effects (IRC-004; 11/81).  That seems to have been the lot. Distributed By Initial Recording Company Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Bachdenkel Slightest Distance THE INITIAL RECORDING COMPANY IRC 000
80 Irvin Mowrey The Queen of Maybe / Fat City  THE INITIAL RECORDING COMPANY IRS 001
81 30 Seconds Automatic / Give Me Work THE INITIAL RECORDING COMPANY IRS 002
81 Tired Of Living Kiss A Lotta Frogs THE INITIAL RECORDING COMPANY IRS 003
81 The Effect  Abusing Myself / Watch Me Dance THE INITIAL RECORDING COMPANY IRS 004

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