Independent American label based in New York: Infinity Records was funded by MCA and was run by former Epic Records general manager Ron Alexenburg launched in 1977.  It issued twenty singles in Britain, all of them in 1979, and hit the Charts twice: with Spyro Gyra's, 'Morning Dance' (INF-111) and Rupert Holmes's, 'Escape' (INF-120).  Records came with a company sleeve and were numbered in the INF-100s.  Only one label design was used, but copies of 'Escape' can be found with monochrome labels and a simplified logo, presumably because of a shortage of the regular ones.  Manufacture and distribution were by CBS. In 1979 MCA had aborted Infinity and was cherry-picking from its artists; those whom it selected would appear on the main MCA label from then on.  On thw 8th of December 1979 Alexenburg took MCA to court on the grounds that their agreement prohibited the merger taking place, but no more was seen of Infinity.  The following year Alexenburg started a new label, Handshake, in partnership with Peter and Trudy Meisel of Hansa Records. Distributed By CBS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Gray Dobie You Can Do That INFINITY INF 101
78 Hicks Marva Looking Over My Shoulder INFINITY INF 102
78 Orleans Love Takes Time INFINITY INF 103
78 Orsa Lia I Never Said I Love You INFINITY INF 104
79 Gray Dobie Who'S Lovin' You INFINITY INF 105
79 Dante'S Inferno Ain'T Misbehavin' INFINITY INF 106
79 Chromium Fly On Ufo INFINITY INF 107
79 Dixon House Band Runnin' Scared INFINITY INF 108
79 Screams Paper Dolls INFINITY INF 109
79 New England  Puny Undernourished Kid INFINITY INF 110
79 Spyro Gyra Morning Dance INFINITY INF 111
79 Dixon House Band Sooner Or Later INFINITY INF 112
79 New England Don'T Ever Wanna Lose Ya INFINITY INF 113
79 Orleans Everyone Needs Some Music INFINITY INF 114
79 Gray Bobie In Crowd INFINITY INF 115
79 Dante'S Inferno Could It Be Magic INFINITY INF 116
79 Spyro Gyra Shake Song INFINITY INF 117
79 Natures Devine I Just Can'T Control Myself INFINITY INF 118
79 Screams Imagine Me Without You INFINITY INF 119
80 Holmes Rupert Escape INFINITY INF 120
79 Spyro Gyra Morning Dance INFINITY INSAM 1

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