Independent label: Inferno Records was Owned by Neil Rushton. Inferno was a label specialising in imports of American Soul records, primarily to meet the demand generated by the popularity of the Northern Soul scene.  In the late '70s distribution was by One Stop. Many of the singles seem to have been reissued in 1983, through Pinnacle, with the same catalogue numbers but bearing a 'Neil Rushton' label.   Singles were numbered in a HEAT-0 series; there were at least twenty-seven of them.   There appear to have been some Inferno-label singles with different prefixes - 'BEAT', for example - but with the same distributor during the period in question; was Rushton's Inferno branching out into other kinds of music?  The Inferno which numbered its singles in a HELL-0 series dates from the early '80s and was handled by Rough Trade; presumably that was a different company.. Distributed By One Stop Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Ad Libs New York In The Dark INFERNO HEAT 1
79 Brag Johnny They'Re Talking About Me Now INFERNO HEAT 2
79 Donner Ral Don'T Let It Slip Away INFERNO HEAT 3
79 Frank Beverly And The Butlers If That What You Wanted INFERNO HEAT 4
79 Coulter Phil & Orchestra Good Thing Going INFERNO HEAT 5
79 Jones Gloria Tainted Love INFERNO HEAT 6
79 Short People Whu D'You Put It To Me Baby INFERNO HEAT 7
79 Frankie & Johnny I'Ll Hold On INFERNO HEAT 8
79 Mills Barbara Queen Of Fools INFERNO HEAT 9
79 Ska City Rockers Time Is Tight INFERNO HEAT 10
79 Four Perfections I'M Not Strong Enough  INFERNO HEAT 11
79 Showstopper Ain'T Nothin' But A House Party INFERNO HEAT 12
79 Scott-Heron Gil The Bottle INFERNO HEAT 13
79 Winters Shelley Nine Times Out Of Ten INFERNO HEAT 14
79 Just Brothers Sliced Tomatoes INFERNO HEAT 15
79 Chairmen Of The Board Give Me Just A Little More Time INFERNO HEAT 16
79 Payne Freda Band Of Gold INFERNO HEAT 17
79 Not Traced INFERNO HEAT 18
79 Not Traced INFERNO HEAT 19
79 Not Traced INFERNO HEAT 20
79 Not Traced INFERNO HEAT 21
79 Gil Scott-Heron / Brian Jackson The Bottle INFERNO HEAT 22
79 Short People (Aka Secret Weapons) Why'd You Put It To Me Baby INFERNO HEAT 22
79 Winters Shelley Nine Times Out Of Ten INFERNO HEAT 24
79 Not Traced INFERNO HEAT 25
79 Mr. Floods Party* Compared To What / Unbreakable Toy  INFERNO HEAT 26
79 The Inferno Orchestra / The Showstoppers I'm Not Strong Enough / Gotta Get Closer To My Love INFERNO DEMO 1
79 The Crow / The Jelly Beans Your Autumn Of Tomorrow / You Don't Mean Me No Good INFERNO DEMO 2

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