Independent label: Inevitable Records was from Liverpool Formed by Pete Fulwell and Jeremy Lewis.  Most of Inevitable's records were released in the early 1980s, but it started off in 1979 with Wah! Heat's, Better Scream' (INEV-001).   The label never tasted much success in its own right, but several of its artists - China Crisis, Dead Or Alive, It's Immaterial, and Wah! - went on to feature repeatedly in the Charts during the '80s.  Despite the fact that it only had one hit single, China Crisis's, 'African And White' (INEV-011; 1982), Inevitable can claim that it helped to shape the music of that decade.  Label designs, on later Inevitables at least, seem to have changed from record to record; and at some point after INEV-011 the first '0' was dropped.  Inevitable Records Former Address: 4 Rutland Avenue Liverpool L17 2AF. Wah! Heat was Formed in 1979 in Liverpool Band Members: Pete Wylie (guitar, vocals), Rob Jones (drums), Pete Younger (bass, 1979), Washington (bass), Colin Redmond (guitar), J.J. Tyler (synthesizer). Distributed By Rough Trade Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Wah! Heat Better Scream INEVITABLE INEV 001
80 Nightmares In Wax Birth Of A Nation [Ep] INEVITABLE INEV 0002
80 Modern Eon Euthenics INEVITABLE INEV 003
80 Wah Heat Seven Minutes To Midnight INEVITABLE INEV 004
80 Dead Or Alive I'M Fallong INEVITABLE INEV 005
81 Faction Jamaica Day INEVITABLE INEV 006
81 Faction Faction INEVITABLE INEV 007
81 Dead Or Alive Number Eleven INEVITABLE INEV 008
81 It's Immaterial A Gigantic Raft In The Philippines INEVITABLE INEV 009
81 Not Issued INEVITABLE INEV 010
82 China Crisis African And White INEVITABLE INEV 011
82 Freezeframe Your Voice INEVITABLE INEV 12
83 Box Of Toys I'M Thinking Of You Now INEVITABLE INEV 13
83 Freezeframe Foxhole  INEVITABLE INEV 14
83 Box Of Toys Precious Is The Pearl INEVITABLE INEV 15
84 Not Issued INEVITABLE INEV 16
84 Freeze Frame  Seeking Professional Advice INEVITABLE INEV 17
84 Freeze Frame  Touch INEVITABLE INEV 18
86 Light Contrasting Strangers INEVITABLE ZB 40149
86 Light Pride Of Winning INEVITABLE ZB 40749
86 Freeze Frame  Today Tomorrow INEVITABLE ZB 40305
86 Light Contrasting Strangers INEVITABLE ZB 40750

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